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Guest - Sally Frank, The Bindu

Sally Frank

Sally Frank

The Bindu


Sally Ann Frank is a devoted mother, daughter, and partner; an enthusiastic entrepreneur and writer; and passionate volunteer. At Microsoft, she is a Microsoft IoT Solution Specialist for Healthcare for the Americas. As part of the Microsoft’s Global Black Belt team, she helps leading healthcare companies use the Internet of Things to improve patient outcomes and efficiency.

In addition to caring for her family, she owns The Bindu yoga studio, loves adventure travel, volunteers with her therapy dog and Wellspring International Outreach, which supports orphanages in South Africa and Peru. She is currently working on an initiative to bring a digital literacy program to the orphans at Hogar Belen in Moquegua, Peru.

Sally also contributes sporadically to her blog at and is working on a second edition of her book, “50 Revelations from the Heart; Lessons on Loving and Living Fully,” available on Amazon.