Building on the Strengths and Managing Weaknesses

Guest - Kerry Ann Tornesello, Engage Coaching

Kerry Ann Tornesello

Kerry Ann Tornesello

Engage Coaching


Through Engage Coaching, LLC, I coach people to develop their natural talents so they are empowered to be impactful. I specialize in working with managers and teams, young adults, and faith based communities. I love to work with managers and teams to increase engagement and success; young adults and high school students to unleash their potential and build their self-confidence; as well as faith based communities to promote stewardship. My dominant themes include Relator, Achiever, Discipline, Harmony, Responsibility, Focus and Communication. If you are looking for a coach to support you to create a plan to reach goals, and have fun doing it – look no further! As a coach, I customize my services to make sure the client achieves their goals and has a sustainable plan to be engaged and successful.