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Guest - Dr. Jason Patten, MD, MS, Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

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Dr. Jason Patten, MD, MS

Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Dr. Jason Patten is a wellness consultant and owner of Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy in Huntersville NC. He is a board certified emergency medicine physician and works in many of the Emergencies Departments throughout the southeastern United States. He has completed all of the required bariatric medicine training to sit for the American Board of Obesity Medicine credentialing exam. Jason has a masters degree in nutrition from Auburn University where his research in obesity medicine focused on hormonal control of diabetes. Jason is also a reserve military flight surgeon and has more than a decade of experience flying F-16’s. He has been a combat pilot over Iraq and on the ground has cared for our country’s finest soldiers. Dr Patten also volunteers his time as a firefighter/EMT.