The Fitness Mom of Three talks Core

Guest - Jamie Cooper, CORE LKN


Jamie Cooper



Jamie has always been a positive and uplifting person who enjoys health and fitness. She began ballet at age 4 and later was involved in competition jazz, tennis, soccer, and track. Jamie was an avid runner and fulfilled her goal of running in several half marathons. Although she enjoyed the cardio aspect of running, along came tight muscles and injuries. Soon after discovering Pilates she was able to feel more balanced and flexible. Jamie is a true student of her profession constantly seeking out ways to better her workouts. She has been all over the country to learn different combinations of workouts and methods, dedicated to bring the best workouts here to the Charlotte area. She worked as the Pilates Instructor for the Ritz Carlton and in 2012 she founded Inspire Pilates and Beyond. After winning best Pilates Studio in Charlotte by Elevate Magazine in 2016, she soon found out she was pregnant with their third baby and decided to put that business on hold. In 2018, she joined forces with her fitness friends who own CORE 704, and they partnered in opening CORE LKN.