Why is my Kid doing that?

Guest - Cindy Utzinger, Cindy Utzinger


Cindy Utzinger

Cindy Utzinger



Like many parents, I have asked myself “Why is my kid doing that” more than a few times. As a licensed Occupational Therapist, I have worked with children, their families, educators, and counselors for over 20 years to help them breath that sigh of relief that comes from gaining understanding…an understanding of “Why?” In my new book “Why Is My Kid Doing That… A Sensory Approach to Understanding Your Child’s Behavior”, I help parents to do just that…see their child’s behavior through a sensory lens. I explain sensory processing in layman’s terms, bring light to why a strong sensory foundation is important and how it impacts children’s development and behavior, and give tools to help develop a strong sensory foundation in all children whether they are just starting out, have a diagnosis, or have a few behaviors that you just can’t seem to put your finger on. Through my one on one time working children and their families at Lake Norman Children’s Therapy in Cornelius, speaking to groups of educators and parents, consultative services, my blog at www.cindyutzinger.com, and my book “Why Is My Kid Doing That?”, my goal is to give hope through sharing tools to bring peace back in to the home and classrooms and help foster confidence and success in our children.