Dan Mills

Accent Comfort Services
You want to build confidence first.

Jacob Norris

Crossfit 926
The New Fitness Kids on the Block.

Samantha Humphreys

Samantha Humphreys Studio
Interior Design with a British Accent

Kerry Ann Tornesello

Engage Coaching
Building on the Strengths and Managing Weaknesses

Eliza Buckingham

Van Popering Insurance
Benefits Specialist who loves to shoot GoPro Videos!

Rob Bennett

Aloha Paddle Sports
Lake Norman Water Entrepreneur

Stefanie Petyak Jester

Flyleaf Counseling
Trauma is so subjective. It's how we interpret things.

Laura Lorenz

Marketing Direction Now
I want to talk about you the way your favorite clients do.

Matt Taffi

Corefit 24/7
The only way to differentiate yourself is your service.

Daniel Ancheta

Edge Performance Training
I got tired of being a Fat Kid.

Danny Decker

Spotlight Branding
We make Lawyers unforgettable.

Sally Frank

The Bindu
It's about the Personal Connection between our Teachers and Students